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Are you an Empath?

August 08, 2022 Jen Baucom Season 1 Episode 6
The Spiritual Root
Are you an Empath?
Show Notes

Let's Talk 8/8 Lions Gate, High Frequencies and Traits of an Empath.

Hey my Lovely Souls! I AM BACK AND HERE TO STAY!
I was feeling super high frequencies today after a 1:1 coach sesh w/my coach and I had to come share my vibes! The 8/8 Lions Gate portal is OPEN! This occurs on the eighth day of the eighth month of the calendar year. this event comes with huge shifts and transformations. It is the perfect time to speak your truth and go for it. Take authentic action and what feels SOUL LIT for you right now in your heart.

Initiation. Change. Massive mindset shifts. Healing childhood trauma from within. The Lions Gate invites us to let go of those warm fuzzies (your comfort zone), feel into our emotions, move through them, and GO.

I briefly discuss my own personal healing journey a little bit and how I have felt the past few months and share some super important things I learned about myself, AND about being a highly sensitive empath. I also share some traits of an empath and wanted to see if any of these resonate with YOU.
Have you ever felt any of these things I discuss? Are any of the traits mentioned absolutely spot ON with your life and what you are living at this moment? spill it and share it with me! Drop me a HELLO, reply to an email or DM me. I would love to connect with you.

Hope you enjoy it! Give it a Listen 🎧 🎙⚡️
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