The Spiritual Root

Throat Chakra Imbalances & HSP

November 15, 2022 Jen Baucom Season 1 Episode 7
The Spiritual Root
Throat Chakra Imbalances & HSP
Show Notes

I'M BACK for another episode and WOW it feels so good to be talking about what is on my heart. In today's episode, I am discussing throat chakra imbalances and blocks and how to start expressing your truth when you are an HSP and how it is all connected (at least for me).
It can be challenging when you are introverted or grew up shy. But were you really?
It was probably overstimulation from a lot of people & energy around you.
If you are an empath and a HSP and having more psychic abilities coming forward in your life, this could be happening to you. You can start working on these things to rise up and pull yourself out.
I wrote this earlier on one of my TikTok posts so you can read it below and it will explain more on what I am trying to communicate to youπŸ‘‡πŸ»

HSP business owners or working a 9-5 that are shy + introverted and overstimulated from your sensitivities this is for you. You are ALSO super driven, empowered and absolutely love working for yourself OR you are pursuing this soon. You are obsessed AF but stuck. (and you have health setbacks inside all of this, right?)

Navigating ALL of this can be overwhelming. It is connected to your energy centers + chakra balance. Throat chakra imbalance & blocks that might have been there for years. I know you. I see you. I am you.

I was shy AF all through school. Introverted. But was I really? Overstimulation was the thing happening. I remember being super F happy and hugged everyone when i was a little. Then it all changed. Some bullying involved, yes. A lot of it actually. But it was also me living as an HSP.  I am connecting all the dots now. Years later. I am driven and love working for myself. I am just now reparenting myself and relearning how to communicate. I love it. All of it. 

My Throat chakra was blocked for years. Thyroid issues, teeth and gum issues, chronic sore throat. Shitty communication and listening skills and lack of purpose. Whet is helping us getting clear with my communication and speaking my truth. Broadcasting my magnetic signature. My voice. Podcasting is PERFECT for this. I absolutely love it. You will too. It will start bringing you out of your shell. Being an HSP and having blocks with your energy is challenging BUT you can get on the other side of this. DM me. I want to hear & read your story. I can help!!
Hope you enjoy it! Give it a Listen 🎧 πŸŽ™βš‘οΈ
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