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Love Stokes ⚡️❤️

December 31, 2021 Jen Baucom Season 1 Episode 2
The Spiritual Root
Love Stokes ⚡️❤️
Show Notes

This episode is about an empowering LOVE message I share every Sunday on Instagram called Sunday Funday Love Stokes. They are all things that involve love, empowerment, inspiration, and things we are super stoked about! I love sharing them and every week is a different message. The Sunday Funday Love Stokes discussed today were from last Sunday, Dec 26th.

This episode was recorded on New Years' Eve 2021.
Good night 2021..... and Happy 2022 my Friends!
Let's go get it!! It is going to be an amazing year!

Love Stoke #1
❣️Root for the other girl
Always help her get the top and when no one else is around, you be the one that steps it up and pushes her straight to success in all things. Empowerment is everything especially when you do it with her. Rise Up.

Love Stoke #2
❣️Hold space for love
Create and hold the space for all things love for others needing support. The time they need it the most is when the magic happens. be there in that sacred time.

Love Stoke #3
❣️Love your masterpiece
There is no one in the world like you. love every single flaw, scratch, scar, and wound. embrace the beauty of each. you are loved beyond belief & each of those things tells a story of wisdom. time to tell yours.

Love Stoke #4
❣️The gift was you all along 
You found your purpose and the superpower. Now go give it away and help her find her gifts too.

Enjoy my gorgeous soul❤️

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